April 28, 2010

Was this picture taken in

A) Landshut a. d. Isar, South of Germany

B) Taipei, North of Taiwan

C) Turrialba, Central Costa Rica

Ok, I know, this was very easy.

In Bavaria (Germany), of course, the whole point of having flowers and plants in front of your house on display is for decorative means only.

And why on earth would one put a decorative green in a not-at-all decorative, rancid and even less decoratively cut open (totally inacceptable) plastic bottle?

Well, because one is Taiwanese (Yes, well done! The right answer was Taiwan!) and being Taiwanese one loves his flowers and plants. And because using an old plastic bottle is just extremely convenient. And so environment-friendly! Efficient! Sustainable! And because in a country where most people seem to think mood lighting is an era in French history there is just no reason to put plants in something you have to spend money on, something that can break or fall on other people’s heads – and then break. 真沒道理!

Oh, by the way, I don’t know about Costa Rican home gardening habits, sorry to have lured you… needed a C) option ^-^… But if anyone can tell me more about it, that would be great (Manuel!! Where are you?!).

By the way 2, personally I think it is unintentionally artistic. It could as well be an installation for some contemporary art exhibition. Ha, maybe it IS contemporary art and my Auslander-arrogance tricked me into thinking it was an interculturally interesting observation……………………………………….


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